1. Why does the new Mounted Trio have a smaller Multipacka than the older models?

To make it lighter, allowing more stagger of the components. With the drive lugs, the overall diameter of the Multipacka is the same as pre 2012 models, ensuring it turns in adverse conditions.

2. What horse power do I need to pull a 3m Mounted Trio?

As always, it depends on the depth you want to run the machine at and your soil type. We recommend anywhere between 140-280hp.

3. Will the Versaplus be coming back out?

Never say never.

4. What warranty is available on your machines?

All machines come with a two year warranty upon delivery to dealership. Please click here to register your machine warranty.

5. Is subsidised finance available?

Yes, see our finance page for more information.

6. What’s the discount?

Generally, in season, we tend to stick to, and around, our RRP. Out of season, there is a potential for discount from your local dealer.

7. Can I buy your machines direct?FAQ - SUMO

No. We have an active dealer network who sell our machines. Take a look at our dealer page for more information.

8. Why is the business called Sumo?

Shaun Wealleans, who founded the company in 1991 was nicknamed Sumo in college.

9. How long has the business been running?

2016 will be our 25th Birthday.

10. Are the machines really built in the UK?

Yes. Everything is designed and manufactured at our factory in Melbourne, East Yorkshire.

11. Why are the colours red and black?

Why not?  When the first machine was built, Shaun liked the red, and at the time, black paint was all that was available in the workshop for the working parts of the machine!

12. Who designs your machines?

We have a team of 6 Design Engineers based at our office in Melbourne.