Front Sumo

Designed to give even consolidation across the entire width of a 3m or 4m system using wide, low pressure or dual wheels, the front linkage-mounted Front Sumo has a 1.5m standard frame with ripper tine mounting brackets and wing mounting points to enable the addition of ripper tines. These can be fitted in 3m or 4m kits, all are pin depth adjustable with shearbolt protection, and are run in either the vertical or laid-back position. Both 3m and 4m versions are manually folded for transport.

Front Sumo

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Front Sumo benefits

  • Even full width consolidation
  • Standard 1.5m frame
  • Optional pin adjustable and shearbolt protected ripper tines
  • Wide low pressure or dual wheels
  • Without tines the press weighs 1250kg and acts as a considerable counter balance for rear mounted equipment

Front Sumo range specifications

Model Total tines Working width Transport width
Front Sumo 1.5 0 1.5m 2.3m
Front Sumo 1.5 plus 3m tines 10 3.0m 2.3m
Front Sumo 1.5 plus 4m tines 14 4.0m 2.3m

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