GLS – Grassland Subsoiler

The sub-surface shatter created by the GLS revitalises compacted sward, by improving drainage and root development, and allowing more air to get into the soil; resulting in increased fungal/bacterial activity in addition to enabling worm populations to flourish. The end result is a soil environment that is conducive to maximum grass growth and stronger plants that are better suited to withstand periods of prolonged rainfall or drought.

Sumo GLS - Grassland Subsoiler

Mark Oldroyd, Oxfordshire

Anyone who is serious about growing good quality, productive, grass needs to try a GLS.

Mark Oldroyd, Oxfordshire

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GLS features

  • Pin adjustable depth control.
  • Leading row of straight serrated discs mounted on individually suspended arms.
  • Adjustable depth position via a one-bolt system.
  • Low draught auto-reset legs.
  • Narrow wings points for low surface disturbance.
  • Flat packer, leaving an aerated, consolidation and level finish across the full working width.

GLS range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Leg spacing Type
3 Leg A/R 2.3m 2.5m 833mm Rigid
4 Leg A/R 2.3m 2.5m 580mm Rigid
5 LegA/R 2.8m 2.9m 580mm Rigid

GLS Options

  • Following harrow (3 , 4 and 5 Leg) for disturbing and scattering dead vegetation and surface debris
  • Seeder fitting kit

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