The versatile multifunctional Mixidisc is available in both mounted and trailed versions.

This is designed for high speed stubble cultivation post-harvest to quickly incorporate and mulch large volumes of crop residues, and create a micro tilth in the soil for fast germination of volunteers and weed seeds and to create a stale seedbed in one pass. In addition, the Mixidisc can also be used for seedbed preparation, straw harrowing or furrow leveling after ploughing, with low power requirement.

The double row of scalloped concave high inertia discs mounted in pairs on shock-proof independently suspended arms turn at an optimum angle designed for mixing, chopping and incorporating residue at high speed.

The discs give unrivalled performance, as, when mounted in pairs on a common axle, they will ‘drive’ each other in adverse conditions and will keep running long after singularly mounted ones have stopped turning. The patented Multipacka press ensures a firm consolidated weatherproof finish, essential for successful germination of weed seeds.

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Mounted Mixidisc features

  • Working depth between 30mm-140mm
  • Road lighting kit.
  • Hydraulic folding.
  • Mod-ring packer roller option available.
  • Suspended 500mm discs mounted on maintenance-free bearings.
  • Soil retainers as standard.
  • Sumo multipacka roller 800mm with shouldered rings standard.

Mounted Mixidisc range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Discs Type
Mixidisc 3 3.0m 3.0m 24 Mounted rigid
Mixidisc 4 4.0m 2.8m 32 Mounted folding
Mixidisc 5 5.0m 3.0m 40 Trailed folding
Mixidisc 6 6.0m 3.0m 48 Trailed folding
Mixidisc 7 7.0m 3.0m 56 Trailed folding

Mixidisc options               

  • F type (flat) packer available
  • Seeder Fitting Kit rigid
  • Seeder Fitting Kit folding
  • Rear drawbar
  • 3rd hydraulic service to rear drawbar
  • Wheel eradicators
  • Air brake kit.

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