The multi-function Multipress is a one-pass implement that tills, levels and presses on a wide variety of conditions ranging from stubble to ploughing, with a specification and combination of soil-engaging tools that allows effective operation in the most challenging conditions.

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Multipress features

  • Heavy duty, spring-loaded auto reset tines.
  • Hydraulic folding.
  • Mod-ring packer roller option available.
  • Road lighting kit.
  • Hydraulically adjustable levelling paddles.
  • Standard wide points.
  • Optional narrow points available.

Multipress range specifications

Model Working width Transport width No of tines Type
Multipress 3m 3.0m 3.0m 10 Mounted
Multipress 5m 5.0m 2.8m 16 Hydraulic folding
Multipress 6m 6.0m 2.8m 20 Hydraulic folding

Multipress options

Rear drawbar

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