Innovative concepts, unparalleled build quality and versatility – all are key features of the all-British designed and built Sumo Quatro, a class leading, one-pass, minimum tillage cultivator that incorporates many original ideas such as a level drawbar, twin-mounted discs, auto-retractable legs and the patented Multipacka.

Uniquely, three of the four working elements mounted in a rigid ‘Tri-box’ chassis design are hydraulically adjustable, independently, so can be used in various configurations and tuned to create the ideal finish in the most challenging of conditions: disc-tine-disc-Multipacka for trashy stubbles requiring a fine finish; tine-disc-Multipacka for clean stubbles; disc-disc-Mulitpacka for shallow, high speed cultivations; or tine-Multipacka for low disturbance soil loosening and oilseed rape seeding.

Where the Quatro is used to establish OSR in a single pass, a further boost in efficiency is achieved through the fitting, alongside the standard point, of the LD point, which is designed to alleviate compaction while creating minimum surface disturbance, reducing the possibility of rogue weed seeds chitting.

Not only does the Quatro contribute to reduced establishment costs, and greater overall profitability through the use of less fuel to establish the crop, it also has a beneficial environmental impact – a vast reduction in the carbon footprint due to the double benefit of low diesel consumption and less carbon dioxide release from not inverting the soil. One Quatro used in place of a plough on 200ha over one year would offset the whole of the CO2 produced in the Sumo factory in 3 years.

The 5m Quatro is hugely versatile in a wide range of situations. The reliability and support from Sumo and their products is second-to-none.

George Palmer, Cambridgeshire

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Quatro features

  • Hydraulic depth adjustment of leading bank of independently suspended 500m concave notched discs mounted in pairs with maximum working depth of 100mm.
  • Adjustable auto-reset protected subsoiler legs with carbide-tipped ‘Concord’ low draught points mounted in a 2-row staggered formation with a maximum, pin adjusted, working depth of 400mm.
  • Second assembly of hydraulically depth-adjustable mixing discs with identical design to the leading gang work to a maximum depth of 100mm to give a final mix and level.
  • Shouldered quadrants of patented 609 x 10mm Sumo Multipacka achieves the well-known ‘Sumo weather-proof finish’.
  • Rigid ‘Tri-box’ chassis design with road kit including commercial 10-stud axles, hydraulic brakes and full lighting kit.

Quatro range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Subsoiler leg Leg spacing Discs Type
Quatro 3 3.0m 3.25m 6 500mm 48 Rigid
Quatro 4 4.0m 3.0m 8 500mm 64 Hyd Folding
Quatro 5 5.0m 3.0m 10 500mm 80 Hyd Folding
Quatro 6 6.0m 3.0m 12 500mm 96 Hyd Folding

Quatro options

  • Rear drawbar
  • 3rd service kit
  • Air brake kit
  • Seeder fitting kit
  • Linkage mounted Drawbar standard on 3m & 3.5m models

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