A versatile implement that offers a multitude of benefits and enables a number of post-cultivations operations to be carried out at high speed with minimal fuel usage. The superior frame build quality and tine design allows forward speeds of 10 – 25kmh, giving unrivalled performance even in the hardest ground.

Powerful spring tines with 15mm Tungsten Carbide tips evenly distribute and incorporate straw and chaff, and create a shallow tilth; essential for encouraging the germination of unwanted seeds, including blackgrass. Retractable alternate rows of tines allow working in heavy or damp straw residues. The Strake prepares the stubble for the next pass, which makes drilling, cultivating or ploughing easier due to even trash distribution.

Sumo Strake

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Strake features

  • 45mm x 10mm heavy duty spring tines
  • 75mm/150mm tine spacing
  • 6 rows of tines for better trash flow
  • Hydraulic tine angle adjustment
  • Hydraulically retractable alternate rows of tines
  • Heavy-duty frame and Cat 3 headstock
  • Road lighting kit
  • 2.5m transport width for mounted models

Strake range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Tines Tine spacing Type HP
Strake 6 Mounted 6.1m 2.5m 80 75mm Hyd Folding 125-200
Strake 8 Mounted 8.1m 2.5m 107 75mm Hyd Folding 175-300
Strake 12 Trailed 12.1m 3.0m 160 75mm Hyd Folding 250-400

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