The time and money saving benefits of Trio seeding OSR, with the added bonus of moisture retention, and more often than not a yield increase, has led to a large percentage of the UK crop now being being established with the one-pass technique.

The versatile Sumoseeder will fit to the back of virtually all the cultivators and Subsoilers in the Sumo range to allow the application of a large variety of products from small seeds like OSR or mustard to micro-granule fertilisers and slug pellets. Extremely accurate and even product flow, regardless of density or consistency, is provided by the new Sumo ORGA (patent applied for) metering system, a simple design with easy access for calibrating, emptying and cleaning.

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Sumoseeder standard features

  • 180 litre hopper capacity
  • Modular design 6 – 12 outlet distribution head for 2.5m – 6m working widths
  • Additional distribution heads supplied with relevant piping, outlets and brackets
  • Adjustable seed outlets allowing band or full width application
  • Radar controlled speed measurement
  • RDS Wizard controller
  • Twin electric fans
  • One touch calibration
  • Fan status and low level product alarms
  • Area meter
  • Forward speed display

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