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Improve your grassland with the Sumo GLA.

Horse Power

The UK’s leading GLS Grassland Subsoiler / Sward Lifter


Improve your grassland environment to the benefit of your animals using the Sumo Front Grassland Aerator to open up the soil profile and alleviate compaction, allow air to flow to the grass rooting zone, let nutrients enter the soil and aid drainage.

Soil compaction caused by heavy machinery and livestock leads to poor root growth because nutrients and water aren’t reaching the rooting area.

The Sumo Grassland Aerator will puncture the soil and shatter the hard pan resulting in more nutritious, thicker and better rooted grass.

Agronomic benefit of each working part of the machine. FRONT PACKER

Measuring 508mm in diameter, this heavy duty roller offers an even finish on the toughest terrain.


Measuring 175mm, these perforators ensure a clean entry and exit. The unique bolt on spikes mean wear-and- tear isn’t an issue.


This tool uses a 3-point linkage to connect to the front or rear of a tractor.

The machine features a steering headstock, water ballast if extra weight needed, toolbox, front and rear lights and nameplate as standard.

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