Sumo Customers

Here at Sumo we’re delighted that so many of our customers want to tell other farmers about how durable and reliable our equipment is, and are proud of how well it fits into their farming system, and helps them to improve farm productivity.

This section of our website features some of these customers, and their stories.

Articles will be added regularly, as we gather more, so please come back to these pages regularly to see how the machine that interests you is working on a farm near you.

Sumo UK Case Studies

Farmer Brian Barker explains how adopting a twin drill approach saved 20,000 litres of diesel in the first two seasons of using the Sumo DTS and Sumo DD direct drill on his 580 hectare farm. Read case study »
Farm manager Mark Oldroyd reveals why the Sumo GLS is now one of the most important pieces of machinery in their quest to reduce costs and improve milk yields on their large Oxfordshire dairy farm. Read case study »
Farmer Richard Wainwright describes how seeing a neighbour’s Sumo machine in action prompted him to invest in his own Sumo Trio - a decision which revolutionised his arable farm. Read case study »
Find out how farmer Simon Viner overcame problems with soil compaction thanks to the Sumo Trailed Trio, and increased his annual yield from 1.25 tonnes to a consistent 3.55 tonnes per hectare. Read case study »
With 1500 hectares of combinable crops to farm, George Palmer has spent the last 8 years using the Sumo Mounted Trio, Trailed Trio and Sumo Quatro machines, to great effect. Read case study »