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Move from plough to min-till with the Sumo Quatro.

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The UK's market-leading one-pass,
combination cultivator.


Move from plough to min-till with the Sumo Quatro. This combination cultivator works the whole soil profile in one pass and can be used in most instances instead of the plough. Unlike the Trio, this machine has four elements that can be fine-tuned to create the ideal finish, particularly in tough conditions. Farming in this way is proven to lower input costs, create a soil environment well-suited to strong yields, and protects the environment from carbon loss.

The Quatro offers cost savings through labour, fuel, crop inputs and machine wear and tear, and a better bottom line as a result of improved soil structure and improved yields. The Quatro can also be used as a one pass drill with the addition of a seeder and SDO Single Disc Opener Accessories.

  • Staggered legs reduce draught
  • Disc frame can be easily dropped out
  • Various leg and point options
  • Auto-reset protection as standard
  • Replaceable rings on packer increases lifespan

Agronomic benefit of each working part of the machine.


Legs lift and shatter the pan leading to better drainage by allowing water to drain below the plough pan. These routes for water to drain away offers a better environment for micro-organism and worm populations to flourish and leaves a soil structure that allows ease of root production.


Two sets of hydraulically adjustable twin-rows of scalloped discs work the top 100mm giving seeds the best start in the germination process by mixing harvest trash and green manures resulting in reduced volunteers and increased organic soil matter. The first set are used to cut trash and initiate the cultivation process while the second set provide the the main surface cultivation.


At the back of the machine the Multipacka consolidates and levels leaving a weatherproof finish. The patented Multipacka shoulders create a trough in which surface water can move into and also help drive the packer and eliminate smears on the soil surface. The design increase soil’s resistance to wind and water erosion as the finish reduces the amount of soil particles that are carried away by the wind. It is developed to reduce soil moisture loss and co2 produced in tillage. The Multipacka can reduce short-term co2 emissions, protecting the environment.
Tractor Working

Quatro Specs

Product Specification Trailed Quatro 3 Trailed Quatro 4 Trailed Quatro 5 Trailed Quatro 6
Code Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6
Working Width 3.0m 4.0m 5.0m 6.0m
Transport Width 3.25m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m
Subsoiler Leg 6 8 10 12
Leg Spacing 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
Maximum Leg Depth 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Discs 48 64 80 96
Disc Depth 30-100mm 30-100mm 30-100mm 30-100mm
Disc Adjustment Hydraulic adjustable Hydraulic adjustable Hydraulic adjustable Hydraulic adjustable
Type Rigid Hydraulic folding Hydraulic folding Hydraulic folding
Tyre Size 480/45-17 600/50-22.5 710/45-26.5 710/45-26.5
Weight 5930kg 10210kg 11965kg 12958kg


Our SDOs are a bolt-on seed coulter unit which, when coupled with a seed distribution unit, such as a Stocks Seeder, enables a regular cultivator to become a true one-pass crop establishment tool.

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