March 25th, 2020


Leading British farm machinery specialists, Sumo UK, re-released their Mixidisc with the Mixidisc / S last year, and it’s been making waves around the world ever since.

The machine is designed for high-speed stubble cultivation, post-harvest, to quickly incorporate much larger volumes of crop residues, creating a micro-tilth in the soil for fast germination of volunteers and weed seeds, resulting in the creation of a perfect stale seedbed.

The Mixidisc / S has a twin row of independently mounted 20″ discs, designed to provide the ultimate shallow tillage solution. The suspended design of the discs provides accurate contour following and depth control. A row of sprung levelling paddles, designed to carry soil and even out the peaks and troughs, follows the disc and Sumo’s proven Mulitpacka leaves the surface level and evenly consolidated.

Working faster and shallower minimises fuel and labour costs, and creates a more supported soil structure. Ideal to create the shallow growing environment for the seeds to chit. The Mixidisc / S is equally at home levelling down ploughing as it is in a chitting operation.

Greig Singer, Sales Consultant at Giltrap Agrizone commented: “I was blown away watching the Mixidisc / S5 mulching standing sweet corn while out demoing last week. I was even more impressed with how it performed travelling at 20k/h, too.

“It’s great to see the machine can handle the trash, as with the new ways of cover cropping, we can promote this machine as a tool for mulching prior to drilling.  The weight, layout of the discs and the sharp disc combination make this machine a real player now.”

Mark Curtis, General Manager at Sumo UK added: “We are thrilled to see the Mixidisc / S working so well in the field. Our passion for min-till farming is evident in this fantastic machine.”

To learn more about the Mixidisc S, contact Frankie Chalcraft at Sumo UK: +44 (0)1759 319 900 / /