DD Toolbar

The DD Toolbar system provides a flexible solution to crop establishment by giving farmers and contractors the means of easily operating two very different sowing methods for minimal purchase cost.

Developed for use in conjunction with a front-mounted hopper, the DD toolbar is an ultra-low disturbance disc drill designed to work into a zero- or no-till seed bed, previous crop residues and cover crops, the design of the system and the action and sequence of the soil-engaging elements providing a well-balanced unit and a consistent seeding depth. Optional equipment includes a hydraulic weight transfer unit designed to use some of the tractor’s weight to help coulter penetration if and when required.

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DD Toolbar features

  • Fully mounted in 3m rigid or 4m hydraulically folding formats to balance out the front hopper.
  • Seeding units mounted on hydraulically pressurised parallelograms that allow for contour following and down force adjustment to provide a consistent sowing depth in differing ground conditions.
  • Single 450mm-diameter disc set at an angle cuts through trash and soil, and opens a trench into which seed is placed.
  • Drilling depth 12 – 200mm with easy manual adjustment.
  • Spiked wheel breaks trench wall, covers seed with soil and firms seeding area.
  • Row spacing 187.5mm and 200mm.
  • Seeding elements on DD 4 (4m) model fold vertically for road transport.
  • Full road lighting kit.

DD Toolbar range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Row spacing Rows Type
DD 3 Toolbar 3.0m 3.0m 187.5mm 16 Rigid
DD 4 Toolbar 4.0m 2.8m 200mm 20 Hyd folding

DD Toolbar Options

  • Hydraulic weight transfer unit
  • Hydraulic markers
  • Tramlines 2 rows (mounted)

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