DTS – Deep Tillage Seeder

The DTS is specifically designed to enable farmers and contractors to exploit the advantages of strip-tillage, but with the versatility to be equally effective in plough-based and minimal tillage systems.

Strip-Tillage is a one-pass establishment system that combines the soil drying and warming benefits of minimal tillage with the soil protecting advantages of direct (no-till) drilling, by creating a seedbed only where the seed is to be planted leaving the soil in-between the bands undisturbed.

Potential benefits of the system also include improved timeliness of establishment through speed and high outputs, and improved soil structure (with a higher organic content, better drainage and less erosion). In most instances, there are also significant savings in cost and time over minimal tillage: up to 32% and 39%, respectively.

On the Sumo DTS, on each coulter unit, a leading opener disc cuts through the trash and is followed by a deep-loosening tine that relieves compaction below the seedlings to provide a friable, well aerated and drained environment for excellent germination. Covering disc channel loosend earth over the seed, placed in the loosened strip by an opener boot, and excellent seed-to-soil contact is provided by a foam-filled press wheel that also governs drilling depth.


Sumo DTS Deep Tillage Seeder

Sumo DTS Deep Tillage Seeder

Seed and fertiliser DTS

To further extend the DTS’s suitability to operate in all types of establishment regimes, the drill is available in a seed and fertiliser configuration. The optional fertiliser kit includes a 50/50 split seed hopper (3000ltrs total capacity for 4.0m and 4.8m models, 3600ltrs 6.0m – 9m versions), separate stainless steel ORGA metering unit, transfer pipes, upstack, metering head and application nozzles.

Dual products drilled and applied in one pass greatly reduces input costs and time, especially in a tight season. The targeted application of fertiliser into the rooting zone also means the potential reduction in product applied as nutrients are more readily available to the plant roots, reducing the potential for nutrient leaching and wastage.

Brian Barker, Suffolk

We saved two 10,000-litre deliveries of diesel during the 2015 summer and early autumn by not using our old cultivation methods.

Brian Barker, Suffolk

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DTS features

  • Cameras and LED working lights
  • Grain and fertiliser option.
  • Sumo Orga metering.
  • GPS compatible.
  • Hydraulic brakes option.
  • Independent contour following coulters.
  • Covering discs ensure seed to soil contact.
  • Full road lighting kit.
  • Variable rate drilling.
  • Even seed placement.

DTS range specifications

Model Working width Transport width Total hopper capacity
Row spacing Rows Half width shut off Markers
DTS 3 3.0m 3.0m 1900 333mm 9 No Optional
DTS 4 4.0m 2.8m 3000 333mm 12 No Optional
DTS 5 5.0m 2.8m 3000 333mm 15 No Optional
DTS 6 6.0m 2.8m 3600 333mm 18 Yes Optional
DTS 8 8.0m 2.9m 3600 333mm 24 Yes N/A
DTS 9 9.0m 2.9m 3600 346mm 26 Yes N/A

DTS Options

  • Air brake kit
  • Hydraulic Park Stand
  • Markers (up to 6m only)
  • Tramlines Grain only
  • Tramlines Grain and Fert
  • DTS mounted weight transfer
  • Grain and Fert option available

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