Sumo in action

May 23rd, 2016

Take a look at our 6m DD (Direct Drill) in action, drilling in Spring 2016.

The minimal soil disturbance element of the DD technique provides additional benefits, including improved soil structure, easier grass weed control, moisture retention in the rooting zone, reduced erosion, improvements in drainage and the ability to integrate cover crops into the rotation.

Seeding units are mounted on spring pressurized parallelograms on mounted models, trailed models are hydraulically pressurized, which allows for contour following and down force adjustment. A single 450mm disc set at an angle cuts through the soil and opens up a trench which seed is placed into. A spiked wheel then follows which breaks the trench wall and covers the seed with soil and firms the seeding area. Row spacing is 200mm and has a drilling depth range of 12mm-100mm with manual adjustment.